Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's 8

She's eight, she's eight, she's eight months old today!!!
We are in complete shock because 8 months has flown by and our little Oakers is not a newborn anymore. We love this age! Her little personality is blossoming everyday and we have never felt so blessed to have this amazing little spirit in our family.

Oakers is sitting up and still loves to watch her Baby Einstein shows. Her two front bottom teeth decided to make their appearance this week, which has been tons of fun for all of us!!! ;) Oak also took her first boat ride this week and loved the fast and bumpy ride. She couldn't stop laughing! We are so in love with this girl and couldn't imagaine life without her!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New home for Nelly

Nelly A.K.A Nelson

Recently, we decided it was time to give our sweet little dog, Nelly, a new home. This was a very hard decision because Nelly has always been such a big part of our family. Since the day she was brought into our home we treated her as our baby....She slept with us every night, went with us to run errands, would play fetch for hours on end, dressed up every year for Halloween, and would even go on 4-5 mile runs with me! She followed us everywhere we went and never wanted to be without us!

The DECISION......

We live in a town home and do not have a backyard, so every time Nelly wanted to go outside, we would have to chain her up. Going Potty was another issue for us. Because we did not have a yard and a door with a doggy door built in and we let Nelly sleep with us, instead of kenneling her at night (another mistake), she would potty in front of the door, luckily on the tile floor, every night. This was not very fun clean up for me, and yes it was always me!! The advice that I have to give after having a dog in an apartment and town home is....Don't do it! Until you have a yard.... It is not fair to the dog or you.

The last and final straw was her barking. Nelly loves to bark at animals on TV. Yes, she watches TV. Not just was any animal with 4 legs. It's amazing how many animals are on commercials and TV shows! It was annoying at first and we just dealt with it, but when Oakley was born and my sanity was based on her naps, I couldn't take it any longer!


My oldest sister Terrell has wanted a dog for a while now for her cute little family. Every time she would come visit they all just loved Nelly and thought she was the best dog. While they were here in July, Nelly won them over with her amazing fetch abilities and they couldn't resist her. We would have never been able to get rid of her without knowing she was going to such a great family! They even threw her a birthday party on August 14th with a cake and all! Wow! She is living the good life now! She even has a doggy door!

Her new life with new brothers and sisters!

We will always love Nelly and she will be in our hearts forever. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We Love Blakely

               Oakley took a special visit to see her sister yesterday. We love and miss you Blakely!