Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Easter Bunny has an announcment to make!

What's it gonna be? Boy? or Girl?

The bunny is pretty excited to announce

Yay!!! I'm gonna have a baby............

It's a Girl!!!!

Apparently the Merrill Boys love to have girls! This will be the 5th grandaughter, and our 3rd girl! It's gonna be tough coming up with a 3rd girl name! Any suggestions...?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Girl!

I'm 15 months old!

I have 10 teeth and love to smile big!

Love to steal my momma's drinks.....especially love sticking my hands in water and eating the ice. Love to stick my hands in toilets too!  ewwww

                                                     Love when daddy makes me laugh!

Love the swings

Love to play in the dirt and get dirty!

                                            Dont like the grass! Hate how it feels on my feet.

Loving my neighbor friends and our lawn sits outside! I cry when my daddy opens the door and dosn't take me outside!

Yep! I still love Babay Einstein!

Up to a lot of no good lately....Im sassy and very stubborn..oh and spoiled too!

                         Told you I was up to no good! I love to explore and get into trouble!

                                     Love me some candy! I get it from momma and dadda! 

Date with Isaac! Loving boys already!