Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jalapeno Pepper!

So I had my first melt down yesterday! ( one of many I'm sure). Everything was going okay.... Oakley was a little fussy ( me thinking in my head, " I must have eaten something bad again that she didn't like!") But she calmed down enough for me to take her with me to the clubhouse to get in a few miles, since the gym is not as easy to get to these days. Well, the minute we get home she starts screaming and nothing I did would calm her down. Is it every baby or just mine that has this cry that sounds like a dolphin in major pain, when they are crying so hard!? I tried several times to walk away an let her cry (which by the way always sounds so much easier than it is) but, would you walk away from a dolphin screaming in pain?(Kylee???!!!!) In the mean time, I am trying to get ready because Greg made plans to go bowling with our friends. This wasn't gonna happen in my world. After working with disrespectful teens at a treatment center that called me every name you could possibly think of, along with working as a high school teacher to more teenagers... I didn't think anything could take "this" down! Okay....okay..... I am pretty tough so I think it was the hormones, but I just started crying in frustration! I called Greg and told him I was not going (with Oak screaming in the background)! Greg being the salesman he is ( I mean he did get me to marry him after all) convinces me to get ready and go. He says " I will hold her the whole will not have to do anything!" "We are not letting her control what we do!" hahahah Right!!! So I give in and as soon as we get in the car she falls right to sleep. ( What is it about the car?) We get to the bowling alley and we are talking to our friends, who by the way had us to dinner on Sunday night. We are talking about fussy Oakley and the pain she has been the past 2 days. I then start listing the stuff I ate and my friend Kristi says, "what about the tacos on Sunday?" I was like, "did the meat  have hot peppers in them?" She said, "no but did you put any of the toppings on?" I said yes the lettuse, tomatoes, cheese and a lot of green peppers....but none of that would do anything". Krisit then says " those were not green peppers Cass...those were jalapeno peppers!"  Lesson leanred! While nursing, always ask what everything is before you eat it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oakley's Photo Shoot

Just my luck......Oakley was so cranky the day we got these pictures taken. Luckily we got some cute ones, once she calmed down a little. You can tell she is a little upset....she has her mom's scowl. Oakley also decided to surprise me with a little potty break during the shoot. Of course, it was during the mommy- daughter pictures. I still love you Oakley!

Chi Chi (Oakley's grandma) made this hat, blanket and a little sweater for Oakley. It's adorable and took lot's and lot's of time. Thanks Chi Chi!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Surprise

 After being pregnant for 17 months, our bundle of joy finally arrived on Christmas Eve day.  Little oakley was born early at 37 weeks and 6 days. She weighed 5 lbs. 9 ounces and was 17.6 inches long. My due date was January 8th, so this was a huge Christmas surprise! I was planning on getting induced on the 21st, but the doctor said her lungs were not yet developed, so I would have to wait until he could induce me on January 4th. To our surprise this girl did not want to wait any longer, I went into labor on my own the morning of the 24th and she was born at 12:29 pm............turns out her lungs were perfectly fine and she was healthy as can be. We have never been happier and can not wait to enjoy all the experiences parenting brings! We love you Oakley!!!

Oakley had jaundice the day after she was born. The hospital put her under these "tanning bed lights" to get her levels up. Everyone said. "like mother, like daughter!" I do LOVE to tan!!!

Awe......So sad!