Friday, December 30, 2011

Oakley turned 1!

Its your birthday shout hurray!
We're gonna sing to you today!
One year older and wiser too!
Happy Birthday, to you!

Oakley turned 1 on Decemeber 24, 2011. Because it's not the most convienent time to get friends and family together, we decided to celebrate a week early. I felt horrible when she was born on Christmas Eve day last year, but I will continue to let her know it was her choice and she just wanted out! Love you Oakley! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Length: 28 1/2 in.  25th percentile
Weight: 17 lbs 10 oz  5th percentile
Head Circ: 44.2 cm  25 percentile


  1. awesome!!! you did so good. It looks very pinterest inspired ;) Love it all. What a lucky girl she is.

  2. Happy Birthday! I can't believe she is already one! Crazy how quickly time flies! She is a doll and you look beautiful!